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Prima 2016

Rött vin från Toro Spanien

Relatively warm winter, with below average rainfall and rapid sprouting. A frost-freeSpring, with flowering beginning in early June. Veraison was completed in thefirst week of August and average temperatures were not too high during thatmonth. Harvesting began 8th September lasting for 4 weeks withunbeatable weather and occasional storms that refreshed the grapes and had noimpact on the health of the fruit.
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The average age of our vineyards is 35 years old, some of our oldest vines were planted ungrafted because this area was not affected by phylloxera.The soils are loose, stony or sandy depending on the areas as with clay subsoil where the plant can obtain water in times of drought. The varieties and plots are vinified separately to respect the characteristics of the different vineyards.Our wines are structured and elegant, balanced, with refined tannins and deep minerality.

Our wines show the characteristics of a region with an extreme continental climate, minimum rainfall, abundant hours of sunshine and strong temperature contrasts between night and day.
In the municipalities of Villaester and San Román de Hornija, Bodegas San Román has different vineyard estates with a total area of 80 ha, planted mostly with the variety tinta de toro.


The varieties and parcels are vinified separately in tanks of different materials and capacities to be able to observe the evolution of the wines and respect the characteristics of the different vineyards.


The ageing is carried out in French and American oak barrels of which 20% are renewed each year, the ageing can be up to one or two years depending on the vintage and type of wine.

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