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Terra d´Uro Finca La Rana

Rött vin från Toro i Spanien

The Finca La Rana 2012 comes from the youngest owned vineyards of the property. Mediterranean herbs and licorice. Somehow the wine reminded me of a Douro Luso red with a note of lightness, fine tannin and a fresh, almost effervescent acidity. In addition, a fabulous price. A spectacular bull of great value for money. Bravo!
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Tillverkare Terra dÚro
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Avnjutes mellan 2018 - 2025

This wine comes from our vineyard "Finca La Rana", planted in bush for 25 years.

Viticulture: Organic- Ecological.
Variety: 100% tinta de Toro. 
Harvest: Exclusively manual rigorous selection of clusters.
Malolactic fermentation: In French oak barrels.
Aging: 11 months in French oak.
Tasting notes: violet color with aromas of undergrowth (rosemary and thyme), elegant tannins that highlight the light touch of wood spice.

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Project by Oscar Garrote, Cristiano Van Zeller and Pipa Ortega

Every grape grower has its own way of transmitting his presence, his consciousness and his moral through his work in the vineyard. A deep and close knowledge of the land and an experience of three generations of grape growers give this wine a unique expression. For the “Terra Duro” we only use the grapes of post-phylloxera vines about 140 years of age, which grow on a unique “terroir” situated in the historic Pago “Bardales” at about 750 meters above the sea level.

The majority of the work is done manually, like pruning, hoeing around the vines, the treatment with sulphur or powder of stinting nettle. Only for ploughing mechanical means are applied. For the harvest, small cases of 10 kg are used. Destemming is also done manually and fermentation takes place in oak barrels. New oak barrels are used for the aging which lasts between 8 to 14 months. To respect the natural qualities of the wine, no filtration or fining technique is applied. Powerful but velvety. Respecting the ripe fruit with the right touch of wood. An authentic Toro Wine.

OUR VINEYARDSA project of vines. Wines of the highest quality.

Vineyard Finca La Rana

La Rana, is a vineyard of 25 years of age, the soil composed of stones, and the average yield per hectare is 4000 kg. Rootstock were planted the rods pruning the vineyard “El Romeral”, to maintain the original clone. The planting is 3 x 3 meters. The orientation of the land is southeast and its production is destined for our wine FINCA LA RANA

Vineyard Finca El Romeral

Our emblem vineyard. Finca El Romeral is a pre-phylloxera vines more than 144 years of age, 100% Tinta de Toro, the soil is very poor and the average yield per hectare is 1000 kg. The planting is 3 x 3. This south facing and its production is destined for our wine SELECCIÓN.

Vineyard Finca La Coscojosa

The Coscojosa, pre-phylloxera vineyard with more than 90 years of age and vines planted in bush, 100% Tinta de Toro, has a limited production per hectare, under plantation is 3 x 3 and is oriented south. Their grapes are aimed at the elaboration of our wine, URO.


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